Marketing your home
Marketing your home

Marketing your home Teseo Estates

Our real estate agents have the Local and the Global Market Knowledge that will help you in each phase of the marketing process along with the concept of services tested by Teseo Estates. 7 Steps to Sell Your Property:

1.- Realistic Estimation of the Sale Price

It is possibly the most important step. Almost everyone thinks their home is “the best” and our job is to bring them to reality. Marketing your property at the Right Price according to its location, orientation, quality and size will give you a competitive advantage over other sellers.

2.- Marketing Method

It can be In Exclusive or not. At TESEO ESTATES we think that healthy competition benefits everyone. We only accept the Exclusivity when the owners accept a realistic estimation of the Sale Price. If you decide to market your home with several agencies we recommend between 2 and 4. No more because it devalues ​​the service they can give you. In this case, the Listed Price must be the same.

3.- Real Estate Marketing

All our properties are professionally photographed. We also draw a plan and make a drone video on the ones we have in Exclusive. This cost is assumed by TESEO ESTATES.

Our properties are published on our official website and on different national and international websites and we send the information to our Network. We advertise in all HCP Group Media Magazines (paper and digital):

The Sotogrande Newspaper (15 annual editions)

The Sotogrande Magazine (5 annual editions)

La Bocha (1 annual edition published every summer)

We carry out a monthly Mailing where we publish what we consider our best properties in value for money.

4.- Efficient Planning of Visits

Our team will coordinate the visits, air the properties, open them in advance and prepare them to give the best possible impression.

5.- Reports of the State of Sale

You will automatically receive reports with information on the number of visits on your property and the comments of the clients who have visited it. These reports will “point us” if we are on the right track. A house with few visits will hardly be sold. You have to generate Visits, which shows that there is a prior interest, so that there is a subsequent offer.

6.- Drafting of the Contract to seal the Sales agreement

We have in our team a legal and tax advisor that we put at your disposal within the fees we charge for the Sale of your Property. We propose a Purchase Contract, as the case may be, which the seller and buyer can review and propose modifications.

7.- After Sales Service

We manage the changes in the contracts of water, electricity, gas, internet, community and local taxes to make an effective transfer of possession. We offer our Maintenance and Rental services to the new Owner in case it´s of their interest.