Rental services
Rental services

Rental services Teseo Estates

Services that include the integral management of RENTALS.

TESEO ESTATES manages rentals since 2003. We follow a procedure specially designed and created for homeowners who want to disregard all the procedures involved in managing a lease.

This procedure involves the following steps:

1. Tenant selection

· Solvency assessment (business and financial ).
· Selection of the adequate tenant profile for the property.
· Checking rental guarantees.

2. Lease Agreement

· Negotiation of contract terms.
· Legal and tax council while preparing the contract.
· Agenda of the contract (updating of the rental rate, endorsement, rental guarantee, completion).
· Photo Property Inventory: furniture, appliances and fixtures.
· Memorandum of the arrival and departure of the tenants.
· Direct Debit for Utility Invoices.
· Information of the most efficient Removal Companies.

3. Managing of guarantees

· Guarantee deposit.
· Management of endorsement and guarantees.
· Verification of payment of the monthly rent (optional).
· Home Insurance (optional).

4. Payments and receipts

· Monitoring of the monthly rent.
· Payment of authorized expenses (maintenance, repairs, etc).
· Checking the monthly income in the owner’s bank account.

5. Property Maintenance (Optional Service with separate pricing)

· Technical / constructive advice to the owner.
· Suitability of the property for higher returns.
· Comparison, selection and application for approval of budgets.
· Recruitment, coordination and supervision of maintenance and cleaning.
· First party insurance.
· Coordination of an expert’s intervention.

6. Relationship with the tenant (Optional Service with separate pricing)

· We act on behalf of the landlord with the tenant.
· Customer service in case of complaints or incidents.
· Conflict resolution and tenant loyalty.

7. Relationship with the owner (Optional Service with separate pricing)

· Commercial, legal and tax council.
· Administrative audit report.
· Detailed monthly report to the Landlord by mail or email.
· Assist to the annual “Community meeting of Owners,’ on the owner’s behalf (optional)
· Direct contact and personalised management services at all times.