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We invite you to know our opinions about the Market Analysis of Sotogrande and its surroundings, our Mediterranean Lifestyle and some recommendations.

CORONAVIRUS. Light at the end of the Tunnel

Teseo Estates does its bit: optimism and solidarity in times of coronavirus It is undeniable that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) affects us all. And it needs our greatest commitment to be able to get out of this circumstance strengthened. At Teseo Estates we believe that a sustainable world is possible, and that optimism and solidarity […]

Sr Comprador, aproveche este momento

Mr buyer… Take advantage of this moment

We finished a 2019 full of bitter news and uncertainty that has affected us all economically and socially. I briefly mention those threats that you will be tired of hearing: BREXIT, Government of Spain very weakened, trade tensions between China and the United States, deceleration of the world economy and, especially, the European economy.

Mejoras en Sotogrande y su entorno. Renovarse o morir

Improvements in Sotogrande and its environment. Renewed or die.

Through this Blog I want to thank Miguel Mellado, a good real estate agent and a better person, for his involvement in cleaning and improving our environment. He is another "hero" who does not care if other people see him picking up plastics and waste. I have already met him twice in the small village of Pueblo Nuevo doing this work in a selfless way.

Bolero eco y eco ansiedad

Eco anxiety

A few days ago I prepared to go to the office to work for a while. On the way, on the Mar y Sol - Pueblo Nuevo service road, I saw a man picking up plastics and waste and putting them in a bag. I saw that near him there was a small stall selling golf balls and an old small motorcycle. I immediately thought that he was a "bolero" trying to make nicer her “fragile” shop.